Company History

In 1940 Walter Schneider founded a workshop for manufacturing carbide metal tools.

In 1946 the company developed on behalf of the German Federal Railways hydraulic springs and high-pressure pumps for heavy load trailer axles. These trailers were used for the transport of rail wagons on the road.

In 1960 for the first time a commercial vehicle was equipped for shunting on railways. This was the beginning of the Zweiweg philosophy: vehicles able to drive on road and rail.

In 1969 double rollers replaced the skids. Therefore higher tractive forces were reached and more applications were possible.

In the 70’s: the first patent was filed: hydraulic powerized track guiding system.

In the 80’s: more patents followed: buffer plate, coupling rod, spinning suction system, anti-slip-regulation, safe-pallet and many more.

In the 90’s: the important developments were hydraulic rail drive system for vehicles up to 40 tons weight and 80 km/h speed on rails.

Since 1994 the ZWEIWEG quality is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

In 2006 Zweiweg Schneider changed to ZWEIWEG International and joins the today’s Zagro Group.

2018 SRT Schörling Rail Tech GmbH and ZWEIWEG International GmbH & Co. KG bring together the operational business. Under the name ZWEIWEG, it will continue seamlessly at two locations, in Leichlingen and Sehnde.

2018 ZWEIWEG took over the business unit construction of new aerial work platforms. Thereby, ZWEIWEG has extended the product range of telescopic and scissor lifting platforms for the use on road.

Today: Zweiweg - Your partner for Road-Rail Vehicles.