Rescue and Recovery Vehicles

Road-rail vehicles guarantee fast help in case of accidents or emergency situations on rails. Different kinds of box bodies for the necessary rerailing equipment, rescue tools and accessories provide maximum flexibility and fastest response in case of an emergency. This helps to avoid long lasting track blockages.

Fire Fighting Vehicles

In the event of a fire, every second counts. Therefore, Zweiweg road-rail fire fighting vehicles are equipped with all necessary equipment and box bodies for hazardous situations. The combination of Zweiweg vehicle and fire-fighting box body of well-known manufactures ensures effective fire-fighting and tunnel rescue vehicles.

Rescue and Recovery Vehicles

Road-rail vehicles for rescue and recovery operations are available in various vehicle and body sizes. Adapted to the requirements they are equipped with: 

  • rerailing equipment
  • winches
  • tool kits
  • auxiliary towing car DOLLY
  • additional hydraulic systems
  • generators

The scene of an accident can be reached on the shortest and most direct way. This guarantees the fastest possible reaction time.