Track Cleaning Vehicles

Zweiweg track cleaning vehicles are used worldwide in many stations and on railway lines where they clean the track body and/or grooved rails of dirt, brake dust, brake sand and other debris. Through a high-quality innovative technology these vehicles achieve an optimal suction and cleaning performance. This makes it an indispensable aid for an undisturbed railway operation.

Grooved Rail Cleaning

The Zweiweg grooved rail cleaner ensures a fast and efficient cleaning of grooved rails from brake sand, dirt and debris. The suction equipment is supported by a powerful high-pressure water jet system and a mechanical scraper chisel. Specifically designed for the cleaning duty, our rail track drive systems ensure a precise guidance of the cleaning device along the rails – even in narrow curves and turnouts.

Track Bed Cleaning

The revolution in the field of track bed cleaning is the unique suction technology. A special Zweiweg suction device allows the cleaning of even heavy obstructions from the track bed without taking up the ballast which is important for optimal damping.

Track Maintenance

Zweiweg track maintenance vehicles are available with a variety of superstructures required for all kinds of care and works around the track: 

  • verge mowers
  • vegetation control systems
  • bush cutters
  • sawing works

With swap bodies for multiple work purposes a high utilization of the basic vehicle with low investment and operating costs is guaranteed.